MPEX2 Feature List:

  • Minimum Perceived Loss Technology for crystal clear sound
  • Works equally well with musically monophonic and polyphonic material
  • No reverberation, no phasiness
  • Time Stretching (10% - 1000% of original length, accuracy < 0.01%) and Pitch Shifting (+/- 24 semitones, resolution down to cent)
  • Formant Correction for pitch shift, works with musically monophonic and polyphonic material
  • Simultaneous dynamic time stretching and pitch shifting
  • 5.1 and 6.1 Channel Format support
  • 96kHz compatible
  • Preset settings for classic, voiceover and percussive material
  • Transcribe mode for fast integer factor time scaling for music transcription purposes


Licensing Formats:

  • Static object library with no user interface or system specific code
  • No references to external libraries except mathlib
  • Memory allocation and deallocation is entirely left to the host
  • Interrupt savy
  • Multi-thread and multi processor compatible by allowing the host to run as many MPEX threads as memory permits, context switching is easily implemented on the host side
  • Works on files and in RAM
  • Available in MSVC Lib, CW8 Lib and Mach-o, gcc and Irix formats for the Mac (OS 9 and OS X), Windows (all versions) and Irix (all versions).
  • About 10 lines of code to implement MPEX processing around a file or audio i/o interface
  • Seamless resume functionality for halting and resuming processing at any time, even after a system restart
  • Comes with example C code that demonstrates its easy incorporation in an existing project

Please contact our licensing department for more information on licensing this technology for your application and platform.